Softometer KWS

Softness is an essential quality characteristic of textiles, leather, non-wovens, and other supple materials.

Resulting from deep scientific investigations, the Softometer KWS use regidity as reference parameter to evaluate softness.

The design of the softometer ensures comparability of the values measured, without indication of additional apparatus parameters. Thus, the material can be measured by a standard technique and the test results are comparable to each other.

There are two different operating modes. The first one is a time test, where a measurement result is shown after 10 seconds. This is the typical method for quality testing. The other one is intended for scientific test, and a measurement value is displayed immediately and will change over time. The operating modes can be switched freely by the customer.

Of course there is also a digital interface, so the measurement values can be processed digitally.
Technical data:
  KWS 500 KWS 2000 KWS 20K
measuring range (in mN) 0 ‒ 500 0 ‒ 2000 0 ‒ 20000
scaling (in mN) 0.5 1 10
Sample bending angle 30°
Free bending length 15 mm
Overload protection yes, flashing display above 50 % full scale
Digitale intervace yes, RS-232
Operating modes continuous (relaxation test),
time test (10 seconds)
Dimensions (L × W × H) 280 mm × 180 mm × 225 mm
weight (netto) approx. 2.4 kg