Thickness gauging apparatus for all types of shett materials. The apparatus designed in accordance with DIN/EN and ISO test specifications ensure an exact thickness determination on textiles, non-woves, geo textiles, paper, cardboard, hygienic papers, leather, rubber, floor covering and other materials.

Precision thickness gauging apparatus series DM 2000

thickness gauging
apparatus type DM 100

Some features:
- sturdy, rigid design
- separate measuring block encapsulated to protect against external impacts (Series DM 2000)
- high accuracy: up to 0.001 mm
- easy operating and fast procedure
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Optional equipment:
- Motor drive for caliper motion (Model DM 2005, DM 2010 and DM 2020)
- Motor-driven specimen movement (Model DM 2020)
- Interface type RS 232 and USB (Series DM 2000)
The thickness gauging apparatus are permanently adapt to the specifications of new standards. We are always ready to produce modofied design versions in accordance with customers specific demands.

For more information, please have a look in our brochure for stationary measuring devices.